Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry (late) Christmas

Well, I've been away from blooger-verse for a few days because of Christmas and I've been under the weather. The family and I had a WONDERFUL Christmas. :) I wish I felt like writing about it but instead I'm going to share a few photos. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon. Until then I'm gonna cuddle up with my new Colts snuggie (thanks to Momma Deb and Danny) and a Sunkist and veg out for a while.

First up is Christmas Eve @ Meme's (My Mom's):
KK and Ryan making piggies in a blanket

The boy's eating (Alan, Tristin and Ryan). I think T was trying to feed his eye.

Meme reading the Christmas story from the Bible

The Boys

The Ladies

Holy Christmas paper batman.... it's THE BAT CAVE!!!!

Next was Christmas Morning at home:


Police man stuff
My personal favorite.... a trunk with iron man, spider man and wolverine costumes!

Daddy Clause

Yay! Ben10 shirts!

and they match... good luck convincing strangers they aren't twins!

oh yeah. the cowboy is in

Ironman Ryan

Ironman Tristin

Watch out bad guys! Tristin is on duty!

I LOVE my family! <3

That would be wolverine!

Nothing brings brothers together like the batcave!

Finally we were off to Nana and Papa's (Matt's mom and step-dad):

You have no idea how hard it was to get the close enough to take this picture.

ixl! no more asking for a dsi! This thing is AWESOME!

..... the best part? Nana and Papa got one for both boys! yippie!

The theme of the night for the adults was: "You must be cold". lol Matt, Jake, Uncle Rick and I all got NFL snuggies!!! I love mine! It's soooo fuzzy! :)

 As you can see we had a great Christmas. The best part by far was spending it together! I hope everyone out there in blogger-verse had a wonderful Christmas as well! (Now is it time for spring??? JOKING... well maybe a little bit)

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