Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Politically Incorrect

Happy Holidays! I hear so much ranting and raving this time of year about the correct way to wish someone a pleasant time during this season. So many people get bent out of shape when someone says "Happy Holiday's". Meanwhile others get upset when someone tells them "Merry Christmas" because they do not believe in Christ. Well, I say to each their own! Darnit! I usually say "Happy Holiday's". It's not in A-N-Y-W-A-Y because I'm afraid I am going to offend someone who does not believe in Christ. I say it because I like having a quick short and sweet way of saying "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year". So if I wish you a happy holiday, I truly hope it doesn't offend you, but if it does, that is your own fault for allowing yourself to be upset about it. That being said, if I was speaking to someone who I knew didn't celebrate Christmas but instead celebrated only Hanukkah, I might be inclined to say "Happy Hanukkah", although I do believe Hanukkah is over now. Really is it wrong of me to change my greeting to be accommodate someone else? I defiantly do not say it to try to be politically correct. I believe it is a nice gesture.
It is necessary to co-exists no matter what your religious beliefs. These days many people who are not Christians celebrate the Santa side of Christmas with a tree and decorations. Did you know that he Christmas tree was used in Pagan celebrations before Christianity decided that Christ's Birthday should be celebrated on December 25th? Yep. The Christmas tree and Santa have a way of bringing together many different "religious" people as well as those who lack a religion all together. Rather than fussing about who celebrates what and how they wish others merriment maybe we can all just come together and celebrate life, love, family, friendships and our own personal beliefs all together. Believe it or not Santa doesn't care what your religious background is. For one day out of the year, everyone can together celebrate good will toward men, family and friends.
Now, I am in no way condoning taking "Christ" out of Christmas... but I also don't want the fight to keep the name intact to take kindness toward our fellow man out of Christmas either. Each of us have a special reason for celebrating Christmas or other winter Holidays this December, for some it is the birth of Jesus Christ, for other's it is simply a time to celebrate Family, Santa, love, joy, kindness ect. Why should we burst other people's bubbles? Happy whatever you celebrate. Let’s all just get along and enjoy the Winter Holidays. We have a Christmas tree and celebrate Christmas, in my house. If you have a Holiday Tree and Celebrate Santa that's fine with me too.
I think I'll step off my  soapbox now.
Merry Christmas, Happy (Belated) Hanukkah, Pleasant Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, Ho! Ho! Ho!, Happy New Year and please forgive me if I left out your holiday greeting.

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