Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kristmas Kindness

I really wanted the kids to do something giving for Christmas instead of simply receiving. So this afternoon my mom (Meme), the boys, and I set out to my grandmother, Memaw's, assisted living home with homemade cookies. We played bingo, drink eggnog and passed out the cookies to some of the residents. The boys thought it was pretty fun and let me tell ya, those ladies that showed up to play thought the boys were something else. Ryan approached each one as they were sitting down and said "Merry Christmas, would you like a cookie and some eggnog?" Mostly Tristin ran around and looked cute. Ever once in a while he'd run up to someone, cookie in hand and hollar "here, you want a cookie?!" Too cute! We had lots of fun socializing and playing bingo.
How mischievous is that? Double Dennis The Mennis?

Offering Memaw a Cookie


They thought they were slick didn't they? I honestly
lost track of how many cookies they ate. I could regret this...

Ryan playing Bingo

I'm not sure if he's excited because he got one or pray that he'll get one

Patiently waiting for a number to be called

This boy was busy. He helped TWO people cover their boards!

In other news: we baked cookies the first few days of the week. And by "we" I mean me, other than one batch.
Making peanut butter blossoms, my second favorite cookie.
I can assure you we've got more sweets than we know what to do with. And then Memaw gives me carmel apples with dark chocolate chips on them.... This is insanely sinful!

OMG! I'm pretty sure 5lbs is not gonna be all I'm gonna gain instead of loose this season.

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