Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well hello there....

Hello Blog World! Since this is my first time writing a blog I’m sure it will be a little bland for a while but I everyone’s gotta start somewhere. I’m going to skip the basic introduction since you can read that in my information and jump straight to why I’m here.
I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a while now but just haven’t taken the leap. Why? Well a few reasons, first and foremost is my deep fear that some whack job psycho is going to read my blog and track me down and kidnap and/or torture my kids. (Yes, kids, although my step-son for all intensive purposes is not really MY child I will refer to him as my kid. I mean no disrespect to his mother or her side of his family but she knows how much I love him and that I say this with the BEST of intentions, not with the purpose of taking her place.) So do I continue on with this burning desire to create a blog or live in fear? Plenty of moms do this. There are precautions to take and I’m going to do my best to keep my family safe! So I hope you understand if you ask me where I live, what school my kids go to, what interstate runs through my town, etc why I will not answer. I may be letting the world into my personal life but I have to keep some things separate. If you do know me personally, I would greatly appreciate it if you could keep the information to yourself as well, Please and Thank you! (This is also why my Facebook page will not be linked to my blog. In the future I may create a FB page for “This Crazy Life”, only time will tell.)
Reason number two? Well, I know that if I start this I have to continue it or it will be pointless. This cannot be like when I wanted to be a ballet and tap dancer and begged to stop shortly after I realized I would in fact have to get in front of a room full of people and perform, not to mention it made my feet hurt and well, I’m a baby about my feet. Or when I decided I wanted to do Karate or piano, or band color guard, or or or. Are you getting the picture here? I’m great with the dream but the follow through… it’s lacking. But this is more like a pet or a child. Something I have to care for daily or at least semi daily. I take care of Ryan on a daily basis so I can do this, right? And we have a fish (which reminds me, I’m not sure when the last time he/she was fed). But I can do this! I can. I’ve thought about it for too long and the desire is still there so I’m gonna give it a whirl.
Finally, the third reason: What do I have to say? I’ve been thinking about that and come to the conclusion if I think about it there are plenty of things in our daily lives that I can elaborate on. I often find myself thinking I’m going to post that on fb only to realize it will take up far too much space, and really, I know not everyone on my fb wants to see it on their feed. A blog is a great place to put that information! Then I whoever wants to read it can.
Well, there’s the negative. Now for the positive… (I’m the kinda gal that wants the bad news first then the good.) Why do I want to blog? I have always wanted to write. When I was a kid I thought I’d be an author. I spent numerous hours writing fictional pieces. I tend to be long-winded when I start to tell a story… well on here, it’s my area I can do that right? I also love to take pictures. Pictures of the kiddos, pictures of scenery, flowers, the sky, well, just about anything. This is going to be a way to express myself creatively. Maybe I’ll even do a review or two. That would be fun. I loved doing movie reviews when I took news paper in high school, although that could have been because my homework was to go to the theater and see a movie… what teenager doesn’t love that! I could review movies, TV shows, home products, the possibilities are endless. As you can tell, I really don’t know where the blogging world will take me but I’m ready to take the trip! J
So come along for the ride! Follow me if your heart desires. Comments are welcome. I’m up for constructive criticism, but please be kind to others! You don’t have to agree with me or anyone else but please, be respectful!  


  1. I just read all your entries and OHHHHH it makes me wanna write one too!!! I love it. You are a great storyteller and I really enjoyed reading it thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you, thank you. I really enjoy writting and I'm glad someone enjoys reading it.