Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Downy Unstoppables

In my recent quest to save money and (gasp) go green I have joined many websites and acquired a few freebies. Although I do not keep up with this blog like I should one of my freebies came with a request that I give a review on my blog so here goes! About a month ago (I'm such a procrastinator) I received an unsolicited freebie via Vocal Point let me be real honest here I haven't quite figured out what Vocal point is all about but I'm learning as I go. Anyway, they sent me a bottle of Downy's in wash sent booster, Unstoppables.

Since I started doing my own laundry in college I have tried multiple ways to get my laundry smelling wonderful with fabric softener, even using liquid and dryer sheets for one load (what a money waster). I loved to smell my clothes after they were freshly laundered and to me that sweet smell meant they were clean. I really wish this product would have come out a long time ago because I would have been my favorite laundry product!
So here are a few questions and answers I created that I thought would help me in the buying process:
Q: How does it work?
A: Take off the cap and fill it to your desired strength and toss it into the wash....
Q: Will it stain your clothes?
A: I haven't found any evidence of it.
Q: Does it smell good?
A: Yes, it has a nice scent.
Q: Does the scent linger?
A: Yes, I found a towel I washed with it 2wks later still had the scent.
Q: Would you recommend it to others?
A: Yes.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I decided against using the product anymore. I did use it for several loads so I could give a good review. Why? Well, a few months ago I stopped using fabric softener. (altogether) Instead I use vinegar to keep my clothes static free and soft. I have gotten so used to my clothes having no scent at all that adding sent back to them was a bit of a turn off. While they smell wonderful I just feel my clothes don't need to have a smell. I hope those of you who still like your clothes to have a smell can enjoy this product though! :)