Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold. ~Maurice Setter

I might not be the most optimistic person out there. I'm actually far from it. My thought is usually "expect the worst, be pleasantly surprised when you get the best". Sometimes it's not the best way to think of things but it works for me. The funny thing is when I hear someone else thinking like that I usually feel the need to tell them to be positive. Thinking about all the negativity in our society brought me to a simple pact that I made with myself this spring. I vowed not to complain about the weather. This is a big deal for me because I'm a whiner, I admit it. But I did my best. When people would complain around me because it was raining this spring I simply said "that's good, the flowers need it!" If someone would complain this summer because it was too hot I would say to myself, "it's not cold, and at least I can go inside to the air conditioning" or "it looks so beautiful with the sun shining". When it rained like crazy this fall I said "Rain is a good thing", "we need the rain". I t-totally despise getting out in the rain but I know that in the cycle of life we need it. So now that it has gotten REALLY cold I must say I'm having a much harder time not whining. It's COLD! So I'm looking for the positive and here is what I've come up with:
  1. It's warmer than the North Pole. If Santa can handle that, I can handle this.
  2. I have a home, with electricity warm blankets and jackets and sweat pants and socks to keep me warm, I'm sure there's a homeless person out there who would give their right leg for all of that.
  3. The snow has managed to mostly stay off of the roads and my walk areas and it looks so pretty on the rooftops and grass.
  4. Since the snow has melted pretty quickly from the roads and sidewalks there is minimal chance I'll break my bum on the slickery ice (yes I make up words, and that's one of my favorites... at least I think I made it up, it sounds a lot like something Tigger would say).
  5. Ryan has had an absolutely wonderful time playing in the white stuff!
  6. You can't have snow cream without snow.
  7. If it didn't get cold, I don't believe I could appreciate the warmth as much as I do.
I've found my silver lining and I hope you can find yours. <3

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