Saturday, December 18, 2010

Slickery Days

Well Friday was another snow day and Ryan and I very much enjoyed each other's company. We actually enjoyed each other's company all week. I didn't get as much done around the house as I normally would have with Ryan at school but that's ok because we had such a great time bonding! When we went outside Friday to "ice skate" again there was a light dusting of snow so it wasn't slickery anymore. That's ok though. Ryan's neighborhood buddie came over and the two of them swept a skating rink off in the parking lot and a strip of sidewalk. They had a blast running and sliding. :)

After all the cold weather the boys came inside for some hot chocolate and video games. Not long into the game time I heard Ryan say "Hey, lets go play with my toys!" Ahhhh! My heart be still. I was stoked! I couldn't believe my ears. I thought about sneaking up there and taking a pic to prove it but then decided if I did I might jinx it. So you'll have to use your imaginations. :) 
Speaking of how AWESOME Ryan is... he can count to 100. And I'm not just talkin' "1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100". All the way to 100. Actually he can count to 110, but then he says 1,000..... 100,000. He thinks he can count to 100,000. I've tried to explain that's not how ya do it but I was the one that taught him "1, 2, skip a few, 99, 100" soooo I suppose it's kinda my fault.
We wrapped Friday up by going to get Tristin. It makes my heart so happy to have both them and Matt all under one roof. I'm so excited for Christmas this year. It will be the first we've all woken up on Christmas morning together. :)

Wowsers, they had some crazy eyes goin on this morning for breakfast! And they weren't even eating fruit loops.
After breakfast we went to get Ryan registered for Basketball, an early Christmas gift from Memaw. Then headed to Lowe's to finish Ryan's 3 part train project. Today they made an engine so it wasn't a big deal that T-man didn't have the rest of the pieces made.
Setting up

Ready to hammer

parts everywhere

Hammering away

tap tap tap

that's some serious concentration

cock your head to the left it works better ;)

I think Tristin thought he was making a gun?

The Finished Project
Judging by the pictures, Lowe's musta been the highlight of our day. :) 

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