Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day

Ryan has been home from school for two days now. Monday was a snow day and we went with Meme to take her new baby, Sassy, the tri color collie to the eye vet to be sure she did not have a genetic disorder that would cause blindness. The little cutie passed with flying colors! Although I'm not crazy about dogs this one's pretty special! She is not very Sassy though. :) She is however, my new buddy. Unfortunately I don't have anymore pics to post of her. I'm sure she will be the subject of one or two in the future.
After we got home I told Ryan to go play with his toys. This little boy does not seem to like his toys anymore. All this booger wants to do is play video games or the computer which although they are educational they are video games. We have been putting a big limit to them and told him he needs to play with toys instead. Its apparently not just the games that are the problem.... He FLAT OUT does not want to play with toys. I really don't know why we are getting him any for Christmas. He will do ANYTHING to avoid playing with them. Example:

Yep, that's my boy, cleaning the walls. After about the 5th time of me saying "Ryan go play with your toys" he finally said "Mom, can't I just wash the walls or something?" Well, fine, by all means precious, wash those walls. And he did almost till Daddy came home. See, anything to avoid playing with toys. Quirky little thang.

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  1. haaaa i would use that to my advantage ;) Taylor never really has liked playing with toys. If he isn't outside or watching tv then he wants to be playing video games or drawing...about the only toy he plays with is his guitar and that is just so he can "write songs". I think boys are weird like that! He used to play with his bakugan things but not lately.