Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

I had to take a break from my blog and Facebook (GASP!) for a few days because of school. Friday was the "close" of classes and I was lucky enough to find out Thursday and Friday that I had missing assignments that I totally remember turning in. :( Apparently because I was working from my lap top the work doesn't always save. Doesn't make much sense to me but that's what IT says. oh well. Everything is finally turned in except for one test I am waiting for the teacher to reopen. (Shew) This semester is OVER! YAY!!! It has been the most trying thus far. Now I can get back to cleaning the house. I kid you not I haven't done any cleaning (other than necessary dishes and laundry) in the last two weeks in preperation for finals and the end of the semester.
Saturday was a busy day. At 8 am we had breakfast with Santa. Now, Ryan has informed me that because the world is so big Santa cannot be in every place at once so he sends his helpers out to visit kids dressed like him. He was sure he would be eating with one of the Fakes but assured me he would not out him. When we got to breakfast and he saw the jolly man I asked Ryan if he was the real Santa Clause and guess what? He was! Ryan confirmed it so it must be true!
After our breakfast with Santa Ryan went to Karate to test for his orange belt. I sure hope he got it!!! :) I know he can do it! Since Ryan had to be at Karate, Meme went to Lowes and picked up a kit to make his passenger car for the train he started last week...

(yes that is the origional Mario Brother's 3 in the background... Matt found my old NES while digging our Christmas stuff out of my Mom's basement.)

After Karate Ryan, Meme and Uncle Tobey headed off to pick up the newest addition to the family.... Meme's new puppy, Sassy. (Sorry the picture quality is so bad, I forgot my camera and had to use my phone instead)
Cocoa in the back, new little girl Sassy in front

With a kid free evening Mom and Dad decieded to relax. Yes, after two weeks of not cleaning the house really needed my attention but was sooooo ready do nothing!
Although we were totally prepared to watch movies and become couch potatoes we had some very welome surprise visitors! :) A great evening indeed.
So finally this afternoon Matt helped me clean the house, bless his heart! It's almost in presentable order!
Now mother nature is wrapping up the weekend with a winter wonder land. It is beautiful outside. I tried to take a picture but the quality isn't so great since it's dark but the snow falling sure does look pretty cool!

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