Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm seein' Orange!

Ryan finally made it to karate tonight and guess what?! Yep, he got his orange belt!!! Go Baby Go! Momma is so proud. :)
Isn't he handsome? He looks so proud, and he should, he's worked hard for this honor.

In other news.... After three days of him being out of school I'm really gonna miss the booger. We've had three great days together. Today was both the busiest and the best. He's really seemed to enjoy my company. We've laughed and tickled so much it has been wonderful. The highlight for me was at lunch today. He asked Meme to take us to lunch and as we went to sit down at the table he says he wants ME to sit beside him! ME!!! :) This is a huge thing because ne never asks me to sit beside him it is always anyone but me. We chatted and snuggled and truly enjoyed each other. I'm one blessed Momma to have such a sweet little boy.

Last night I attempted to capture some genuine smiles from him while I tickled him in my lap with a camera in one hand. This is what I got:

Truly Ryan in a nutshell. :)

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