Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wait.... What?

The most awesomest thing just happened!!! (yeah, I know "awesomest" not a word) Ryan was having one of his moody pouty days.... Well, part of that could be because we just a.) boxed the wii up to be sent back for repairs and b.) limited his video game time to 20 min per day and computer to "equal to the amount of time spent playing with toys", because the child WON'T play with his toys. All my boy wonder wants to do is sit and play video games. I am not letting his brilliant little mind turn to mush.
Anyway, this kid was moody. The first thing he did when he got off the school bus after getting a drink of Gatorade and refusing a snack was hop on the computer. I calmly reminded him he had laundry to put away and that he cannot play computer till he gets some quality toy time in. Well, the demon that came outta the child just lead me to believe he needed to chillax and wind down so I let him play for a few minutes. Chillaxin soooo did not work. When I finally made him wrap it up the sweet little booger went bonkers!!! I'm talkin "WAAAAHHHH!!!! I can't believe you are soooooo mean!!! You never let me do anything!!!! This is not fair!!!!" followed by laying in the floor fake crying. Really? I have learned that 95% of the time when he's like this, he's hungry so I promptly offered a snack again. Nope. So he trudged his little behind up the stairs to his room to pout. It didn't last long though.
About 2 or 3 minutes passed and I heard him creeping down the stairs. So I simply said "you are more than welcome to come down here and play but leave your attitude in your room". Usually that would prompt another spiral of squealing but to my surprise he hopped around the corner and said (Brace yourselves)
"I am sorry for what I did.... I shouldn't have acted like that". Without prompting!!!!! :) And with a look on his face that showed he was disappointed in himself!
WOWSERS! That just blew me away! Here I thought I was in for a rotten stinkin night!
So I hugged him tight and snuggled him. I offered him a snack and this time he accepted. I'm tell you, it's like two different kids, especially when you feed him. After one little bite of that yogurt he was bouncing off the walls! :) Happy and cheerful! What would have normally been a 3 hour fit and power struggle ended with this:

giggling and standing at the front window eating a frozen yogurt stick watching for his Daddy to come home.
I cannot praise this kid enough right now! He went from one extreme to the next and handled himself so well! :)

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