Monday, January 24, 2011

Peanut, peanut butter... and Jelly!

Friday Ryan was home from school because of snow... again. I joked with him that morning that since he was home he was gonna have to earn his way by fixing lunch. I was teasing. Really. I was. I figured he's say "awe moooooommmm!" and we'd be done with it. Nope. He apparently thought about this ALL morning. So when my mom was ready to take us to lunch he freaked! He tried to convince her he was "cooking", she tried to convince him I was joking. I finally had to agree to allow him to make himself a PB&J before we left. So Saturday, Daddy and I told him this time he could really make lunch. He's such a sweetie. He put a lotta love in to those PB&J's. I do believe they are the best I've ever eaten. :)

I just love his face in this one. ;)

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